I think that painting just moved.

Library 4.12.12-31

Seriously, look at it! It might be me, I’ve been staring at it for kind of a while. See, I was on one of my trips through the library (sometimes the librarians take me around to get a new perspective on things) and I swear the painting of Dr. Zabdiel “Zab” B. Adams at the main circulation desk winked at me. I mean, I suppose it’s possible that I was imagining things. After all, I did just finish the first book in the series The Books of Elsewhere called The Shadows, by Jacqueline West.

shadowsHave you read it? I just loved it!

I’m almost done with the second book in the series, Spellbound. Spellbound

It’s all about this 11 year-old girl named Olive who moves into a big, old, spooky house with her parents. Olive feels a little lonely and misunderstood because her parents are mathematicians and Olive is not very interested in math and numbers. She’s more of an artistic type…kind of like me. Anyway, Olive starts to notice that there are some really strange paintings in this new house of hers. Not only are they strange, but she thinks she sees things moving in them!

One day, a talking cat shows up in her room and that’s when she knows this is no ordinary house. But the story gets really interesting when Olive realizes that when she wears a pair of spectacles she finds in one of the bedrooms, she can actually enter the paintings! And there’s a whole other world in those paintings called Elsewhere. The trouble is that there’s something evil in the house–something that has trapped some of the inhabitants of Elsewhere in these paintings! In one painting Olive meets Morton, a little boy who she realizes used to be a real, live human boy, not just a painting. Olive decides she must solve the mystery of the strange family who owned the house before her, the McMartins, and set Morton free. Luckily, she has the help of the three cats who live in the house. They can all talk but they are also very secretive and Olive can’t decide if she can trust them or not. Anyway, it’s definitely going on my “Must Read” Book list!

Well, I better get back to watching that painting. Ooh! He definitely just twitched! I’ve got my eye on you, Dr. Zab.


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